Jan 13


One of the best ways to assess the situation of your drain and figure out the best root of action to take is a CCTV survey. This tracks down the exact point of disruption allowing us to make an accurate decision on how the drain needs to be fixed, in turn giving you a more accurate quotation.

Jan 12

Your Drains Cleared Fast 24/7

We clear drains for commercial and domestic clients to bring your drains back to full working order and prevent leaks and pipe bursts. We also offer high pressure water jetting and CCTV drain surveys to see the problem first hand, allowing us to resolve blocked drains or leaking pipes in the best possible way.

Jan 11

Preventing Blocked Drains.

Preventing Blocked Drains: There are several ways to prevent drains from becoming blocked, which increase the longevity of your pipes while reducing the risk of smelly blockages.

• Avoid washing down large particle food items ‘ rather place scraps in the bin
• Do not put greasy food items such as cooking oils and animal fats down the drain
• Avoid washing paper items down the drain as these can take years to disintegrate
• Do not put any foreign objects down the drain ‘ sanitary wear, baby wipes, tissues and clothing items should go in the bin, not the drain
• Avoid clogging the drain with hair, sawdust, metal filings and chemical slurries
• Check outside drains to make sure leaves and other garden debris is not causing a blockage

Jan 10

Blocked Toilets Sinks Baths Showers Drains.

A blocked toilet is not just an inconvenience. It’s unsightly, leads to nasty smells and, if left too long, could become a health hazard too.

Let Easy Flow clear your blocked toilet – fast. We’ll investigate why your flush isn’t clearing your toilet bowl correctly, or why water is overflowing. We’ve got all the right equipment to clear the most stubborn blockage, and because our team work to the strictest industry health and safety standards, we’ll make sure we put things right with the minimum disruption, mess or worry.

Jan 09

Fixed price drain cleaning.

Most drainage companies charge an hourly rate for emergency drain cleaning, once you agree to their rates, they will be in no rush to finish the job. The longer it takes them to clear your blocked drain, the more you pay.

Here at Clearflow drains, WE FIX YOUR PRICE OVER THE PHONE. So you won’t be hit with an unexpected bill.
Our engineers are not on commission, so they have no reason to sell you extras.
We are proud of our reputation. And we want to keep it.

Jan 08

Domestic or commercial blocked drains cleared fast!!

With over 25 years professional drainage experience, Clearflow understand that any drainage problem in the home or business needs to be rectified quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to the customers.

Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable domestic drainage professionals have built a reputation based on providing a consistently high level of quality and service. All our engineers are fully trained to undertake a range of drainage services at your home or business at a time that suits you whether it is a minor toilet blockage or a significant drain repair.

Jan 07

Pre purchase drain surveys for home buyers.

If you are thinking of buying a New Property Do not get caught out with expensive drain repair bill. simply avoid this by having a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey today, Mortgage providers are increasingly insisting on a pre-purchase drain inspection before offering a mortgage to new home ower.
Clearflow drains can carry out a full CCTV drain survey and provide a full report for you and your mortgage provider cheaper than any other company.

Jan 06

Emergency Drain Cleaning

We really are “Open All Hours!”, with someone in the family always on call because you just can’t tell when your drain or loo will block. The unexpected blocked drain or blocked toilet can cause the greatest disruption and inconvenience or pose a very serious health hazard. Whatever the drainage problem and whatever the time you can call Draintec and speak direct to a qualified engineer who will effectively resolve your problem with the minimum of fuss.

24 hours a day
365 days a year
Talk direct with engineers out of hours
Fully equipped vehicles
Latest jetting equipment used.

Jan 04

Blocked drains are no problem for us.

Our vans are fully equipped with all the tools and plant needed to clear all types of blockages both internal and external.

We offer a wide range of drain cleaning methods to suit your requirements. We clear:

Blocked Toilets
Blocked Sinks
Blocked Baths
Blocked Showers
Blocked Gullies
Blocked Manholes
Blocked Guttering
Fall pipes
All above and below ground drainage.

Jan 03

How can we be so competitive with our prices?

Clearflow Drains is not a franchise or partnership, but a local family run company.This allows us to have a very competative pricing structure, not fixed by franchise guidlines giving customers a first class service at a first class price. As we are not VAT registered there is a further saving of 20% all this with a no call out charge, ensures we are the cheapest drainage company around.

The main core of our business is drainage with our services being
Drain Cleaning
Drain Repairs
Drain Maintenance
Blocked Drains
Blocked sinks, baths & toilets
Drain Instalation
Drainage CCTV Surveys