Mar 12

The dangers of drain cleaning chemicals.

We attended a job today where the customer had tried to clear the blocked drains themselves using a drain cleaning chemical and a plunger, the plunger caused the drain acid to splash into her husbands eye putting him in hospital with a very serious eye injury. So we have put together a few tips to prevent further accidents.

Chemical drain cleaners like caustic soda and ‘ one shot ‘ work by eating away at the blockage. Care should be taken with their use as they can blind and burn skin. If correctly used, these products are extremely effective, particularly for blockages deeper in the drain.

Either liquid or crystal in form, chemical drain cleaners are generally poured into the drain opening and allowed to sit for a period of time. During this period the sink, bath etc. must not be used. When using a chemical drain cleaner always follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Never mix one type of drain cleaner with another.
Never mix drain cleaners with other cleaning products as toxic fumes may be produced.
Always ensure good ventilation when using chemical drain cleaners.
Don’t allow drain cleaners to remain in contact with porcelain or enamel surfaces for any length of time as the caustic nature of the cleaner will degrade the finish.
Never us a plunger on a drain which contains drain cleaner – you run the risk of splash-back and severe chemical burns.
If you are not completely confident in your ability to use these products, then don’t attempt it,
You can always give us a call 24 hours a day for some free advise.

Mar 07

Drain Re-lining.

From a drain patch re-liner to a manhole to manhole re-line Clearflow Drains has the knowledge, expertise and equipment to carry out the works professionally and efficiently.

Cracks, root intrusion and open and displaced joints can cause many problems within a drainage system, from a blockage to a total collapse. Many faults can be rectified with the installation of a Reline (No-dig Technology).

The advantages of drain re-lining.
Pipe re-lining offers the no-dig alternative to messy and disruptive excavations, saving time, money and inconvenience.

Drain re-lining is a proven and established method of placing a new pipe within the existing damaged pipe thus restoring the integrity of the drain.

From a localised structural repair (patch repair) to a chamber to chamber re-line – Clearflow Drains has the technology, experience and expertise.

Repairs/ Excavations
Re-Lining isn’t suitable for every application, where necessary we are equipped to carry out traditional excavation methods for drainage repair or replacement.

Mar 04

Proud members of

A big thank you to all the customers who provided positive feedback to
It’s good to know that we passed their very strict vetting process.
We try to go the extra mile to give good honest customer service. we really do value our reputation and it’s good to know that our customers scored us so high.

Mar 01

High Pressure Water Jetting.

Efficient drainage is never a problem until it stops working. All drainage systems need cleaning at some point in time. Scale, silt, fat and grease inevitably accumulate, reducing capacity and flow, and can even cause a total blockage.

High pressure water jetting is an effective cleaning technique for use in drains, sewers and pipework systems. It can be used to remove relatively soft silt or hard substances such as scale or cement.

Blockages in drains, sewers and stack pipes can be cleaned using this highly effective technique. Powerful jets of water developing pressures of up to 4000psi strip deposits from pipe walls, flush out debris and restore free-flowing conditions.

High pressure water jetting can also be used to ensure that process pipework is clean and clear of obstructions. Naturally, when scale and residue build up, manufacturing efficiency declines. Boiler scale, polymer resins, carbon deposits, milk scale and even concrete can be prised away with relative ease.