Feb 08

High Pressure Water Jetting.

High pressure jetting is an effective method used to clean many surfaces, and is particularly effective in removing the most serious drain blockages with precision and speed it is also effective in removing stains from brick and path surfaces. Its primary purpose being to unblock drains has an added bonus of removing scale build up of fats and washing powder debris effectively. The equipment we use has a pressure of 4000 pounds per square inch (PSI). This pressure can be controlled to suit the relevant job it is required for.

Feb 06

Fully Trained Drainage Engineers Available 24/7

If you have a blocked drain, you can rely on Clearflow drains to send you a fully qualified drainage engineer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We offer a fixed rate over the phone. You will never pay more than the price we give you over the phone.

Our drainage vans are fitted with all the equipment needed to clear any blocked drain, blocked toilet. Blocked sink/bath or main sewer.

Call us anytime for help or advise.

Feb 03

Pre Purchase CCTV Surveys.

When buying any property it is important to know the current condition of the drainage system, as there may be potentially defective drains, which can be costly to fix. With so many properties having had extensions over the years, their effects may have damaged the drainage and underground pipe work. Correcting collapsed, dropped and cracked drains can be expensive if buying a property, so think about having a CCTV survey carried out to establish their condition.

Jan 30

Any size blockage, Anytime, day or night.

Our extensively-trained drain unblocking teams are on call to deal with your blocked drains quickly and cost effectively, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year. We are experts at clearing and unblocking pipes, whatever the diameter, from toilets, sinks and baths to any size of drain or sewer. Believe us, we’ve done it all.

Jan 27

Blocked Drains 24/7

As an emergency drainage services company, Clearflow treat each job on its merits and understand that when dealing with clients a quick and professional response is the difference between keeping a client and losing them, for this reason we are able to offer an emergency call out service which means that we can guarantee a one hour response time to these priority calls.
All Clearflow engineers are highly trained and knowledgeable, allowing us to assess and remedy a situation with speed and competence.

Jan 23

Some of our services.

We offer a full range of drainage solutions and services from simple un-blocking through to full sewage and treatment plant installations. We can even design the perfect drainage system for new builds, renovation work or corrective measures. Below we have a list of examples of the type of services that we offer:

Root Removal
High Pressure Water Jetting
CCTV Surveys
Pipe tracing and locating (Sonar Locating)
Pre-planned Maintenance
Servicing and repair of all makes of Treatment Plants /Septic Tanks
Pipe Lining
Leak Detection
Odour Detection
Grease Removal
All Repair work under taken
Installation of all makes of Treatment Plants
Installation of all makes of septic Tanks
Installation of Grease traps/Grease Guzzlers
All Reinstatement of works carried out to the highest standard
Installation of Rain Water Harvesting Systems
The List is almost endless!

Drain & Pipe work

Collapsed Drains, Drain Connection, Drain De scaling, Drain Repairs, Drain Sealing, Drain Surveys, Excavations, Gully Emptying, Industrial Drain & Pipe Cleaning, Pipe Clearing, Pipe Laying, Pipe Ramming, Pipe Relining, Pipe Repairs, Pipe Surveys, Root Removal, Sewer Cleaning, Sewer Relining, Soakaways, Underground Surveys, Commercial Drain & Pipe Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, Manholes Installation.