Why you should choose a company that offers a fixed price, and a No Fix – No Fee policy.

We were called out to a supermarket on Far Gosford in coventry today. They’d had blocked foul water drains for a week. This meant that they could not open the shop due to having a main inspection chamber inside the shop.
Over the past week, they’ve called 5 different drainage companies, all charging by the hour to clear the blockage. None of the companies could Get it clear, but still charged the customer over £2500.
When the customer called us, we gave them a fixed price of £125. And agreed that if we couldn’t clear the blockage, we would not charge anything.
We attended within the hour, and we cleared the drains using the h.p.w jetting unit.
The shop was back open and trading in no time at all.

Never Book A Company That Charges an Hourly Rate.

Always Make Sure You Agree a Fixed Price Before Any Work Is Carried Out.

And Make Sure There Is a NO FIX – NO FEE Agreement in Place.