Clearing blocked drains at minimal cost to you.

It is rare that drains block without a reason, accident, misuse, damage or neglect can cause this. High pressure jetting or manual clearance can clear 99% of all blockages.
Strong jets of water break up any blockages, removing scale or grease from the pipe walls. The deposits are flushed out of the pipe and the drain is returned to a free flowing condition. An advantage of using high pressure jetting is that the drain will also be cleaned through.
We offer a full preventative maintenance service facility to those that require prevention rather than the inconvenience caused by blocked drains, urinals and commercial wastes. This service is targeted at Restaurants, Hotels and commercial properties.

Some companies will insist on CCTV to establish the fault, all which increases the charge. In our opinion it is rare that a CCTV inspection is necessary. Most of the time these cameras will simply point out cracks in pipes, which in most cases are causing no problems.
With most drainage systems being as old as the property or possibly even older. Drains can crack or even move.
Clearflow carry out numerous size excavations from replacing gulleys to renewing drainage systems. We provide this service for blocked drains throughout the midlands.