CCTV Drain Surveys


Our surveys, aided by modern technology, give a rapid, comprehensive and cost-effective analysis of your drainage system. Using small closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV), we examine the underground drains to find the causes of blockages or structural failure. The CCTV equipment is highly portable and can survey pipe diameters from 75mm (3″) upwards, the camera providing a high definition colour picture of the drain interior.

This allows an effective diagnosis to be made, while selected photos extracted from the video are included in the detailed report that you will receive as part of the survey.

A CCTV inspection will reveal most structural defects within a drain, including tree root penetration, cracked or fractured pipes, displaced joints and poor gradients.



The ingress of roots into drainage systems can cause blockage and structural problems. Roots can be cut from the drains using flailing equipment powered by high pressure water.

FLOOD WATER  PUMPING.               Flooded basements and cellars pumped out.

Domestic or commercial flood water pumping, 24 Hour Emergency         R                                                          Resonse. Our Teams Can Pump Away Flood Water And Clear Any                                     .                                                            Drains That May Be Blocked. To Prevent Further Problems.



Drain Repair Using Drain Lining Techniques. Using the latest drain lining techniques we can repair your defective drainage system without the upheaval associated with traditional excavation.

Cipp Drain Liners, Drain Patch Repairs & Radius Patch Repairs


Using the above techniques we can seal leaking drain pipes and repair root damaged and fractured pipe work without major disruption and upheaval.

Excavation – Normally used to


a) replace short sections of pipe at a shallow depth or

b) a collapsed or structurally defective pipe which cannot be repaired using any of the No-Dig techniques listed above.