What Not To Put Down Your Drains. Every year in the UK thousands of people have to call in a professional to help them with a blocked drain that could have been avoided! Whether you’ve not had your drains cleaned for a while, you’ve been flushing stuff that shouldn’t be flushed or you’ve been pouring the wrong things down the plug hole, blockages are easily caused by all manner of things! But the biggest problem is that many of us just don’t know what we can and can’t put down the plug hole and why! So follow these simple rules and remember that your drains are designed for waste water – not general waste!   Liquid Cooking Fats Even if you pour it away with the hot tap running and plenty of washing up liquid, when it cools it will still solidify in the pipes and after a while this will build up and cause a blockage! Instead wait for it to cool and throw it away!   Sanitary Items Or their packaging! Just one sanitary product can cause a blockage, and just because they haven’t yet doesn’t mean you will always be so lucky! Make sure you wrap them and place them in a suitable bin.   Nappies and Baby Wipes Nappies and baby wipes don’t break down and drainage systems aren’t designed to cope with such bulky waste. Instead wrap them, bag them and bin them in the general waste.   Cosmetic Wipes and Cotton Buds Many of us are guilty of just throwing make up wipes, hand wipes and even cotton buds into the loo instead of popping them in the bin, but they don’t break down easily and will build up over time to cause a blockage.   Left Over Liquids Products such as make up, lotions and oils shouldn’t be poured down the sink or toilet as drains aren’t built to deal with the grease. Instead they will cling to the pipes and contribute toward build ups that could block your drains.   Food Scraps Your drains are not made for waste disposal, so make sure you scrape any leftover scraps of food from your dinner plates, pots and pans into the bin, not the sink! It will stop them getting blocked up and will stop your drains smelling!