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Blocked Drain? 8 Questions Answered on Unblocking Blocked Drains & Toilets

October 20, 2020

8 Most Important Questions Answered on Unblocking Blocked Drains

8 Questions Answered on Unblocking Blocked Drains & Toilets

 When you own a property, at some point in your life you’ll find yourself washing up or flushing the toilet when the unexpected happens… Your Drains become slow-draining or completely blocked. We’ve took the time to answer 8 frequently asked questions regarding blocked drains & toilets and how to deal with them. 

Clearflow Drains in Birmingham has been fixing drains for over 30 years, so there’s nothing we don’t know about unblocking blocked drains, we hope this article on 8 ways on how to deal with blocked drains helps you. If you're in Birmingham and you find that the blocked drain is causing too much damage make sure to give us a call straight away. 

How do I know if my drain is blocked?

Blocked Drains may take a while before a blockage is apparent but once it has started, the signs of a blocked drain are obvious starting from one of the easy signs to spot; Toilets, Drains, Baths or Sinks drain slowly if at all… You will also notice a blocked drain a mile away from the bad smells that arise, or even the sounds of gurgling from trapped air within the blocked pipes/drains.
If your drain or toilet is already blocked it’s best to leave it immediately and call up a local drain unblocking company near you.

What do I do if my drain is blocked?

A blocked drain would fall under the responsibility of the homeowner of the property such as yourself or the tenant, when you’ve identified a blocked drain it’s always best advised to call a local drain unblocking company which will be able to survey and unblock those drains for you.
We strongly advise against trying to repair / unblock your own drains due to the dangers it poses to you, your health but also other neighbours if your drain is connected to other properties.
You will be reliable for paying for any blockages that arise however, you would be able to claim on home insurance to pay to unblock your drains.
If your Sewer is blocked, then this would fall into the responsibility of your local water company which you should contact straight away.

What causes slow drainage?

A slow drain can be a simple fix or the sign of a more serious drainage issue, left over time a slow draining sink/plug or toilet will eventually block up completely which will cause much more damage in the near future.
As we send a lot down our drains, toilets, sinks and baths from regular use.. you tend to find that Hair, Oils and even a build-up of soap can cause scum to build up within the pipework and restrict the flow of water.

What causes a blocked drain?

A blocked drain occurs if other materials were to get into your drainage system such as; Wet wipes, cigarette butts, Oils & Paints, Cat Litter, Hygiene Products or excessive Toilet Paper will all result in a slow draining system or a fully blocked drain majority of the time.
Especially when a slow drain has been left for a period of time you may find that the drainage system will become completely blocked up.

What's best to use for unblocking blocked drains?

Blocked drains can be a nuisance and a major health hazard so it’s best to try and resolve the issue straight away, you may find that sometimes the simplest of drain unblocking techniques may work wonders for your drainage system such as Baking Soda & Vinegar (sodium bicarbonate) / Bent Wire Hangers for clogs or Chemical Solutions however, always keep in mind that if these solutions don’t work straight away then Stop what you’re doing and call a local drain unblocker / plumber to professionally clear the clogged drain if the blockage causes more damage.

Who is responsible for unblocking drains?

As the homeowner or even tenant (depending on your tenant agreement) is usually responsible for anything related to your drainage system and internal pipework, your local water company is only responsible for the drains when the blockage is in the main sewer and not within the property.
Although it’s your responsibility to unblock your drains, you may also be able to get any cost of a drain unblocking service covered under home insurance too.

How much does it cost to clear a blocked drain?

A question often asked which is hard to properly determine however, Clearflow Drains are able to provide emergency drain unblocking services from as little as £25 +NO VAT to residents located in Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry. Once a drain engineer has arrived at the property and can assess the potential damage – only then can a proper price be determined as you may need a drain CCTV survey or require other methods of unblocking the drain such as; Drain Jetting, Drain Rodding or even repairs.

Are blocked drains covered by home insurance?

As we mentioned in one of the answers above, a blocked drain can be covered under home insurance if you have it as the responsibility of blocked drains falls in the hands of the homeowner / tenant of the property.
If you have a commercial building, you’ll most likely have business insurance that’ll cover the cost of blocked drains too.
The only time the responsibility falls under a local water company is when the blockage stems into the public sewer.

We hope you found our FAQs on unblocking blocked drains & toilets useful.

If your drains start to flood, cause extensive damage to flooring or emit odours it's always best to call out a professional drain unblocking company out, as you could cause much more damage tampering with the drains and/or toilets/sinks.

Clearflow drains in Birmingham have been one of the best and most relied-upon drain unblocking company for over 30 years, so don't be afraid to pickup the phone and call us on 01216945185 alternatively find out more about how we unblock drains here.

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