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What You Can Do If You Have Blocked Toilets, Sinks & Drains During COVID-19 Outbreak

Written by Clearflow Drains

May 2, 2020

clearflowdrains what you can do if you have blocked drains during covid-19

With the coronavirus and the lockdown taking full affect across the country our already strained sewage system is taking the full brunt as a knock on effect. With families knuckling down to keep confined within their households – toilet, sink, drain and sewage blocks increase, the drainage system we heavily rely on is most often overlooked without a second thought given.

Blocked drains, sinks and toilets are always an annoying situation to have, but most importantly they are also a major hygiene issue too – This should never be ignored especially when a virus such as the COVID-19 is at large, it’s not yet known if this can travel via drainage systems but there’s other pathogens that still can.

Here’s what you can do to prevent blockages and also prepare for any emergency drainage situations in a safe working manor.

Recommended steps to prevent drain blockages & prepare for any emergency drainage situation:

  • Avoid flushing the following: Paper towels, Baby Wipes, Cat Litter, Greece/fats & oils, Paint, Food Waste, Coffee Grounds and Medications.
  • Avoid over-using the bathroom one-after-another and/or flushing continuously to try and flush a blockage.
  • Don’t Poke and prod at pipes or within the toilet bowl with sticks/plastic pipes or anything else that can get easily broken and further blocked.
  • Keep exposed drainage pipes outside insulated with pipe insulation such as fibreglass and sheep’s wool.
  • Don’t try to super glue pipes or drain cracks – Shut the water off immediately and call your water company.
  • When monitoring and/or troubleshooting your pipework or drain make sure to use the correct PPE (gloves, goggles, mask and some old clothes you can get rid of).

Here’s some recommended steps to prevent possible transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19) & other pathogens via Drainage and plumbing:

  • Maintain and regularly check plumbing and drainage to make sure it’s in good working order.
  • Don’t ignore unusual foul smells in bathrooms or kitchens.
  • Make sure all kitchens & bathrooms have properly fitted u-bends.
  • If your system blocks regularly, it can build back-pressure in the building/home – if this is identified make sure to report it ASAP to minimise any risk.
  • Ensure PPE is always worn when checking out any part of the drain/plumbing system.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed if the virus is able to transmit via the sewage system but it’s best not to take any chances in these uncertain times.

With drainage issues – sewage leaks can also occur in a home at any moment, often without any warnings too. When these problems arise it’s vital to get them addressed straight away as they pose a major health concern which you should take note of – these health risks include; Gasses, Pathogens, Chemicals and even in more dramatic cases… Explosions.

Clearflow Drains are drainage experts based in the West Midlands and are able to assist with your blockage and drain emergencies within a 1 hour call out from Birmingham, Wolverhampton to Coventry.

With the latest CCTV technology available and professional drainage equipment at hand, we’re able to address any problems within a matter of no time – all with a fixed price quotation you can obtain over the phone! Call us today on 0800-987-5213 or call our engineer on 07869-389-261 to unblock your drains in the West Midlands.

And remember, Stay At Home & Protect the NHS!

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